The acclaimed director David Fincher finished the shooting of the Zodiac movie. As Fincher shot movies like Se7en, The Game and Fight Club, i can't wait to see it, because i'm hooked to Fincher and his movies, although i didn't like Panic Room cause of the slimey "intellectual" appearance of Jodie Foster, but she acts good in Inside Man.

The Zodiac killer:

On November 29, a carbon copy of a typewritten letter allegedly by her killer was mailed to Riverside PD and the Riverside Enterprise, claiming that he had killed her because of all the brush offs she had given him, but many of the details included in the appropriately titled "Confession" letter had already been published in the paper. A desk that was in the library annex the night Cheri Jo was murdered was discovered in storage in December 1966 with a poem etched into the top that was thought to be about her murder; it was the opinion of Sherwood Morrill, the state's top Questioned Documents examiner for many years, that it was written by the Zodiac.

The trailer looks quite interesting, the movie should open in theaters in 2007.

The Zodiac Killer: