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The perfect Christmas movie in question, We’re No Angels is a comedy from 1955 by Michael Curtiz based on La Cuisine Des Anges by Albert Husson. It stars Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov as three escaped convicts from Devil’s Island who accidentally fall in with a well-to-do family on the brink of bankruptcy.
Sounds funny? I didn’t think so at first, but it is damn funny.


Christmas evening, 1895, Devils Island…..Three convicts have escaped from the prison island in French Guiana. Their names are Joseph (Bogart), Jules (Ray), and Albert (Ustinov), all extremely dangerous . When they reach the city of Cayenne, Joseph distracts a delivery boy while Jules goes through his pockets.
The only thing of interest that Jules finds is a letter to Syndicate Merchandising Co. The convicts drop by and meet the absent-minded manager, Felix Ducotes. The convicts convince Felix to let them fix his leaky roof. Instead of actually fixing the roof, though, the triad take this opportunity to spy on Felix and his wife, Amelie.

This movie appeals to the viewers intelligent sense of humor. Witty and intelligent dialogue companies great stage direction abound in this heart warming comedy. With no flaws, We are No Angels is definitely the ultimate Christmas movie.

We’re No Angels


Peter Ustinov was born in Swiss Cottage, London. His father, Iona (Jona) von Ustinov, known to his friends as Klop (blow in Yiddish, bedbug in Russian), was of Russian and German descent, and had served as a German fighter pilot in World War I, worked as a press officer at the German Embassy in London in the 1930s, and was a reporter for a German news agency.

Michael Curtiz

We’re No Angels

French Guiana, as part of France, is part of the European Union, the largest part in area outside Europe, with one of the longest E.U. external boundaries and a part of the Union outside Europe that is not an island along with the Spanish enclaves in Africa, Ceuta and Melilla. The Head of State is the President of France, who appoints a Prefect (resident at the Prefecture building in Cayenne) as his/her representative. There are two legislative bodies: the 19-member General Council and the 34-member Regional Council, both elected. French Guiana has two seats at the National Assembly in Paris. French Guiana has traditionally been conservative, though the socialist party has been increasingly successful in recent years. Though many would like to see more autonomy for the region, support for complete independence is very low.

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