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The October 1, 1988.
Donnie is on the hill, looking at the sky, laughing as if he remembers something, specifically his own survival in the previous tangent loop. This is where the movie begins, and it is also where the tangent is reset and the loop begins when Donnie is NOT successful. He rides his bike home and goes to sleep.

The October 2,
After midnight, Donnie is woken up by Frank-Bunny, saving him from a jet-engine crashing into his room. The jet-engine is actually from October 30, disappearing through a time corruption 28 days into the past. This catastrophic event distorts spacetime and creates a Tangent universe (TU). In the Tangent Universe, Frank-Bunny guides Donnie Darko on a 28 day journey through this alternate tangent dimension to save the universe.

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