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The USCSS Prometheus was a Heliades-class space exploration vehicle built and operated by Weyland Corp and captained by Idris Janek. It was a revolutionary starship, and at the time of its launch was the most advanced and expensive faster-than-light space exploration vehicle ever constructed. It was billed as an official United States Commercial Starship in 2091.

USCSS Prometheus


Conceived and planned by Sir Weyland

USCSS Prometheus

Conceived and planned by Sir Weyland himself, Project Prometheus was Weyland Corp’s most significant initiative. Weyland named the mission in honor of the Titan Prometheus from Greek mythology, who stole the secret of fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind; now, Weyland returns the favor by giving his own gift of fire to the masses, one that will guide the company and its investors to the ultimate truth via the USCSS Prometheus.

USCSS Prometheus Spec

USCSS Prometheus
Production information

Weyland Corp

Product line

Weyland FTL ships


Heavy exploration/prospecting vessel




$1 trillion

Technical specifications

130 metres (427 ft.)


48.75 metres (160 ft.)


36.5 metres (120 ft.)

Engine Power

Four nuclear-powered ion plasma engines

Fuel Source

Ionized plasma drive

Power plant

Nuclear fission generators

Sensor Systems

Various comm antennas

Navigation Systems

Independent advanced navigation systems


Armory of shotguns, pistols, and flamethrowers



Cargo capacity
  • 5x RT Series Group Transports
  • 4x ATV NR6 runabouts
  • 2x heavy mineral extractors
  • 8x Class-A individual crew ejection pods
  • 1x Class-D crew escape module
Sir Ridley Scott (born 30 November 1937) is a film director and producer. Following his commercial breakthrough with the science-fiction horror film Alien, his best known work is the neo-noir dystopian science fiction film Blade Runner .

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