UniqloStumbled upon this funny Uniqlo calendar widget via Krystyn's blog, a senior designer at Squarespace.

Based on Uniqlock, a web-based Flash widget as well as downloadable screensaver,
is the calendar widget a full flash widget with cities and countries to set, only the color cannot be set.

Uniqlock Project

Uniqlock, a web-based Flash widget as well as downloadable screensaver combination of Music-Dance-Clock, was launched prior to this calendat widget. Other features four girls auditioned from youtube wearing Uniqlo's 20 color dry polo shirt, dancing freestyles similar to ballet , with background music composed by Fantastic Plastic Machine.

Blog-parts were Flash components provided so that Uniqlock can be inserted into individual blog pages. Uniqlock soon gained popularity, as shown in its World Uniqlock page. Until November 2008 there were up to 191 million clicks from over 200 countries, with up to 40,000 blog-parts in 88 countries.

The movie quality was improved, and dancers would appear to be asleep if the time in the specified region is nighttime. Also in each hour special clips would be shown instead; Season 2 features 2 men playing music, doing clean up chores.