As of lately I've been experimenting with typography styles, like in the sidebars, header and post area.
New layout of the sidebar looks better now, but I am still not finished...


Typography comes from the Greek words τύπος typos "mark, figure" and γράφω grapho "I write".

milo317-magazineQuick mock for a magazine
Georgia typeface, the universal font style: transitional serif typeface designed in 1993 by Matthew Carter and hinted by Tom Rickner.
I prefer georgia, as it prints finer than Times New Roman with the same size (em/%).
For the sIfr headers are Engravers MT in use, as Georgia's serifs are slightly wider and have blunter, flatter ends, while Engravers shows the classy look. Still I have to find an appropriate body typeface, now arial, times is a nogo, suggestions?

Excellent use of various styles

Print typography

Web typography
Web typographyFresh inspirational use of modern fonts, a beautiful colour pallette and product focused structure to get the message to the user.