The Celica’s outward appearance might be its focal point, but underneath the beefy exterior is where most of the work has actually been performed.
The Celica comes factory fitted with a 2T-C, these days it’s a GT-spec DOHC 2T-G that resides between the front struts. It all begins with the bottom end bores, which were enlarged to accommodate high-compression Arias pistons that connect to Eagle rods and a 3T-GTE 78mm crankshaft. The DOHC cylinder head was given the full performance treatment with oversized Dokuro intake and exhaust valves and Crow double valvesprings along with Australian-made Tighe cams mated to Kameari adjustable pulleys. Once Fonzy was happy with his work the head was sandwiched back to the block using a Kameari 0.8mm triple-layer metal head gasket, resulting in a compression ratio of 13.7:1.

Toyota Celica