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Tokyoplastic shot to instant web stardom, going viral before “going viral” had even entered the common lexicon.

Pushing the software of the time beyond the limit of its capabilities and redefining contemporary website design. It fully exploited the power of vector graphics, fusing them with awesome sound FX for a truly unforgettable, intriguing and almost unnerving surfing experience.

Sam Lanyon Jones is a distinct photographer who creates immaculate works of great technical accomplishment and Drew Cope, Tokyoplastic made a big splash at this year’s Flash Film Festival, held this past March in San Francisco at FlashFoward2003, the two guys behind Tokyoplastic are creating astonishing soundwavefiles among their Japanese toys.



Visiting their site is like an ant watching an elephant: One day I’ll get you. I think this will be the future of web 3.0, readable (by SE) flash files for newspapers, magazines and websites. Let’s go…


Tokyoplastic Drum machine

Over the past decade they have created commercials for clients including Toyota, Nokia, and Nike, have directed a series of successful short films, have produced several highly sought after designer toys and have had exhibitions of their work in Japan, Berlin, New York and L.A

Urban design deals with the larger scale of groups of infrastructure & public spaces with the goal of making urban environments that are equitable, performative, and sustainable.

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