Finally i have my own Time Capsule, you can visit me here or explore the other capsules. Quite interesting, although i don't know what it's REALLY good for. Hmm...sounds like this project, The Bridge. Glue, Inc. began in 2005 with a fundraiser inspired by the thousands of Africans living in Nkhoma, Malawi, who are both directly and indirectly affected by poverty, the drought and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The 2005 Hurricane Katrina relief effort showed evidence that people are willing to reach out and stretch their own funds when the need was brought closer to home. The challenge was to get people to care about those in need who are far removed from their daily lives. The solution was creating a party with a purpose to draw them in, inspire conversation, and provide a starting place for a much bigger community based on caring.

Note: all links do NOT function! Project dead.

Of all the Time Capsule contributions we’ve received, the most wrenching are, of course, those submitted in the Sorrow theme. We’ve pored over dramatic and horrific photos of natural disasters and the human cost of war. But tucked in quietly among these, we find the ones that really wrench us – those images, searing and silent, that express the depth of someone’s private grief. These intimate glimpses of loss on a more personal level are almost too much to bear. These are the ones that move us to tears.

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