Another night we started to watch a fine Mickey Rourke film, Angel Heart, then i had the glorious idea to create new Mickey art.

Charismatic, outspoken tough guy Mickey Rourke is the perfect example of art imitating life and vice versa. Raised in the primarily black Liberty City section of Miami, where 'I had to be fast and fight,' he showed early promise for both baseball and boxing but, lacking discipline, quit both in favor of 'hanging out' and getting in trouble. Catching the acting bug, he journeyed to NYC and studied with Sandra Seacat, appearing without distinction in some off-off-Broadway plays and leaving others during rehearsals over disagreements with directors.

A gumshoe private investigator is hired by a mysterious and malevolent client to find a missing crooner who owes him on a debt, but when the PI starts his investigation he is thwarted by the murders of his possible witnesses and haunted by unexplainable demonic nightmares. As he nears and nears his catch, the identity of the missing person is closer to him than he thinks...

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Maybe Mickey should've used this little service: Psychiatric Office , it's an automatic answering machine for psychos...

young mickey rourke

Mickey Rourke