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The Thirteenth Floor is a 1999 science fiction crime thriller film directed by Josef Rusnak and loosely based upon Simulacron-3 (1964), a novel by Daniel F. Galouye.

Director Josef Rusnak keeps things looking stylish in both of the story’s dimensions, while the script, loosely adapted from Daniel F. Galouye’s novel Simulacron-3, remains slyly twisty from its beginning through shortly before its conclusion. The overly conventional third act lets the air out of The Thirteenth Floor, as Bierko’s flat performance does pretty much throughout.

The Thirteenth Floor


The Thirteenth Floor


The Douglas Hall’s house has been seen on film before as the apartment of Detective Deckard in Ridley Scott’s 1982 Der Blade Runner (1982). It’s a Frank Lloyd Wright building named Ennis House, located in Los Angeles, CA.

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