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Ewan McGregor added the line “Wow that tongue thing is amazing” after Scarlett Johansson french kisses him on the stairs because that’s what he actually said to the first girl who ever French kissed him.

Imagine what a geek I was when I said that.

Michael Bay felt that Caspian Tredwell-Owen’s original script was missing a scene showing how the clones are birthed and grow. “He thought it would be opening up Pandora’s Box to show that stuff, but I just think as a viewer it’s some of the cooler stuff to see.”

The Island


Scarlett Johansson wouldn’t come out of her trailer when it came time to shoot the sex scene, and Michael Bay assumed it was the “typical woman not coming out of the trailer” thing. He went to her trailer but she surprised him by saying the issue was the wardrobe. “I’m not wearing this fucking ghetto-ass fucking bra! I’m going naked!” He had to explain to her that wasn’t an option as the film was set to be rated PG-13.

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