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Luc Besson was very uncertain about which actor to cast in the main role.

He proposed the role to Christopher Lambert (with whom he worked in his previous movie), had a meeting with Mickey Rourke and even was suggested that he himself should take the role, since he had such affinity with the character. It was not only until weeks before filming that someone suggested the name of Jean-Marc Barr.

Listen, we’re not supposed to piss either, but it doesn’t stop you from carrying “it” on board.

The Big Blue


While the film is inspired in the lives of Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca (who were alive at the time of the film’s release, unlike the characters presented in it) and many aspects of the story are fictional, one of the real divers’ fate was strangely predicted in the movie. In the European version of the movie, Jacques dives all the way to the bottom of the ocean and never returns – to some viewers, it’s implied that he committed a suicide. In 2001, the real Jacques Mayol committed suicide by hanging himself, in Italy, at age 74.

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