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A beautiful topic actually, the moon, however like each genuine poet Tal R has sometimes difficulties with those beautiful motives, before he glitches into the melancholy glides, Tal R studies the chosen object merrily and has therefore one of its pictures given the rather irreverent title Stupid Hardworking Moon.

Further info on Tal R: Saatchi / Contemporary Fine Arts / Victoria Miro / Lousiana

Tal R


Art of Tal R

Tal R on painting.

For this kind of humor collectors and curators estimate the painter, who was born 1967 as Tal Rosenzweig in Israel and grown up in Copenhagen.
They pay an appropriate prise: 75000 euros costs one of Tal R’s paintings or sculptures.

Art & Design has different connotations in different fields, the direct construction of an object as in coding & graphic design is also considered to be design thinking.

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