Casey Stoner, who started 2nd on the grid, was in a race-long battle with Valentino Rossi, but the massive speed differential of the Ducati 800 compared to the Yamaha 800, led to Stoner winning on his debut for the Marlboro Ducati team, beats Valentino Rossi in the first Moto GP race this year at the Qatar Grand Prix.

Stoner beats RossiRossi's Yamaha, In 2005, Yamaha came under the investigation of the Japanese government for selling dusting helicopters to China, technology that could potentially be used for weapons, was equal to Stoner's Ducati through the twisty section of the track, and it was there where he passed the Australian three times during the race, but was each time undone by his bike's lack of straightline speed, which was 20kph slower than his rival's.

Stoner beats Rossi