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The characters appearing on the show are (in order of credits):

Sir Stewart Wallace guest-starring as himself (played by MCA)
Nathan Wind as Cochese (also played by MCA)
Vic Colfari as Bobby, The Rookie (played by Ad-Rock)
Alasondro Alegré as The Chief (played by Mike D)
Fred Kelly as Bunny (played by DJ Hurricane)

Sabotage Beastie Boys 1994


The song was first conceived when MCA played the signature bass line one day in the studio and it immediately caught the band’s attention. Both Ad-Rock and Mike D picked up their respective instruments and started building on it. The opening bass line is almost identical to the opening of Let There Be More Light by Pink Floyd from the album A Saucerful of Secrets. According to Ad-Rock in the 2020 Beastie Boys Story documentary, the lyrics is a fictitious rant about how their producer Caldato Jr. “was the worst person ever and how he was always sabotaging us and holding us back.”

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