Nerves. Nerves as steal.

With the major managers of Yamaha watching this fulminant race up to the last curve of the last round, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo keep battling on their motorcycles with only few centimeters distance and more than 280 km/h over the runway, attacking and overcoming each other, and after thirty rounds and 110 kilometers Rossi once again served 99 thousand customers his 101 win.

Bat of an eyelid

The spectators on the grandstands came into delightment (again), the adventure country Sachsenring opened its gates again for the MotoGP circus, and approximately 98,000 fans came alone on Sunday to see the races and/or Rossi. The majority of them saw finally their favorite right at the top on the landing in the MotoGP class.

Valentino, the only 46

Rossi, again and again Rossi. Eight times the 30 years old Italian won the world champion chip, he won in all classes and leads this year also in the rankings.
Four victories in nine racse, 101 successes altogether - a balance, which should deserve the highest respect. After its recent triumph Rossi did not sit on the podium, he was beaming with happiness.

It was fantastically there outside, it was unbelievable fun.

Valentino Rossi VR 46 MotoGP Gallery

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Valentino Rossi Yamaha Dog

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Valentino Rossi VR 46 MotoGP interview

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Valentino Rossi VR 46

Valentino Rossi Dog

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A relaxed and content man

The others racers however looked rather stressed, you could see the "work" they delivered for the last hour racing a genius like Rossi.

The distance between us becomes ever smaller, and in the future I can perhaps also win

said the 22 year old Lorenzo. In round 26 he pulled past on Rossi, but three rounds later the man with the world-wide known number 46 successfully counteracted. Almost it had the appearance, as if Rossi knew exactly that nobody would take this victory from him.

Rossi 101 battles won