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While intellectually gifted, Robert Goren has many personal demons, and his eccentricity and unconventional investigative methods sometimes rub his colleagues the wrong way.
Goren was shown to be meticulous and well-prepared as he used his knowledge and intellect to achieve each step of his plans. However, it is in the interrogation room that Goren truly displays his genius.

By virtually entering the mind of the criminal, Goren scrutinizes every possible angle of the motive. Operating on just the thinnest shred of evidence, Goren can break down even the boldest criminal into an impassioned confession. Additionally, when questioning people, Goren will attempt to agitate uncooperative suspects by exploiting a weakness of theirs which he has noticed.

Det. Robert Goren portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio
Vincent on creating Bobby Goren


Vincent D’Onofrio describes the creating of the character of Robert Goren including the famous Goren lean and his unique speech pattern and likens his process to creating a work of art. Goren was assigned to the Narcotics Division at Brooklyn North, where he racked up 27 arrests, all of which led to convictions. He soon reached the rank of detective, but his fellow narcs didn’t appreciate his methods and thus he was transferred to the Major Case Squad in the 36th Precinct, then under the command of Captain James Deakins.

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