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Layer Cake

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Trivia Director Matthew Vaughn is a descendant of Edward Harley, 3rd Earl of Oxford and Mortimer. For several reasons, he is not eligible to be the Earl of Oxford and Mortimer (one of which being the fact that the line has been discontinued and replaced by the Earl of Oxford and Asquith). When charming American […]


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Trivia Rather than dubbing in the gunshots during the bank robbery shootout, Michael Mann had microphones carefully placed around the set so that the audio could be captured live. This added to the impact of the scene because it sounded like no other gunfight shown on screen. Goofs During the bank robbery getaway, McCauley fires […]

The Thomas Crown Affair

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Trivia A 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S N.A.R.T. Spider identical to the one in the film was sold at auction for $27.5 million on August 17, 2013, in Monterey, California. When new, the N.A.R.T. Spiders were unappreciated by customers and were all sold at a discount, some for less than the standard 275 GTB/4. Goofs When […]

Brother by Takeshi Kitano

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Kitano reputedly had problems working with Masaya Katô. Kato had his own ideas, and Kitano would get so upset that he would yell at him. In the scene where Aniki tells Shirase to put out the cigars, it is really Kitano yelling at Kato. This was Kitano’s only American film he ever made. In an […]

King of New York

The shootout between the Chinese gang and Christopher Walken’s crew was filmed in the same alley featured in Krieg in Chinatown (1987), also directed by Ferrara, in Downtown Manhattan. The work of real-life friends David Caruso and Wesley Snipes in this film helped them get casted in, respectively, New York Cops – NYPD Blue (1993) […]

The Getaway

The orange Volkswagen Beetle that Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw pass as they flee town after the bank heist is driven by James Garner. Garner had been visiting a friend on the shoot and was hired for his vehicular skills by stunt coordinator Carey Loftin. In the scene where Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw are […]

Blade Runner

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Trivia As Batty and Tyrell talk about how to prolong replicant lifespans, Batty suggests a process involving “EMS”. Tyrell responds by saying that “Ethyl methanesulfonate” was tried unsuccessfully. Ethyl methanesulfonate is an actual organic compound with mutagenic and teratogenic qualities, used in genetics. Goofs When Deckard and Bryant are reviewing the video from Leon’s VK […]

Testing long title with addendum

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