Lyn Goldberg

Senior Astral Astrologista

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My name is Lyn Goldberg and I do astrological readings. This site is about in person, local readings. I love the one to one, in person, where we can really get to what your question is. Because I so enjoy this in person connection, I charge less than for my online readings which you can find out about later.

I also do on going personal coaching of 3 sessions for $275 if you pay up front. In the 3 Sessions we are able to look in depth of the message of your very unique harmonic–or birth moment. These 3 sessions are flexible and individually designed with your specific questions in mind. The Universe wants to support us and has given us a map to help guide us. Astrology is the language of this map. Using your Natal Chart in an intentional way can help in finding your Path even in the most difficult of times and can help focus to skyrocket when the times are flowing.

On my larger Web Site you will find more about my understanding of Astrology and how the Solar System, the Night Sky and You relate to each other. You will also see an example of how my online visual program works.

Online I have created a program that uses visuals–pictures of the Zodiac’s archetypes–to help understand the messages the planets are trying to share with us. I got the idea of bringing this visual and auditory program online from the work that I have done in my one on one in person readings. A reading with me includes a visual experience along with the auditory explanation. I have a large colorful quilt and use cards with pictures of all the Archetypes of the Signs and Planets. It is a well known fact that when we use more than one of our senses we “Get It” more clearly. I’m often told that Astrology is hard to understand. It is my deepest desire that when a person does a reading with me that you understand in a grounded way what is represented in the Planets’ messages.

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