Nothing is ever lost in this adventure of all adventures.

Introducing Tollie Schmidt. For this reason, I AM LEGEND, predestined for greatness, built for the final hour.

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Nothing is ever lost in this adventure of all adventures. The lessons and discoveries of every single life, no matter how large or small, difficult or easy, are added to the whole.


Like stones in the base of a pyramid, they permanently raise and forever support every manner of adventure that follows.


And so it is that the hearts of those who came first continue to beat in all subsequent generations forevermore.

Tollie says

What's the difference, that makes the difference? Can the way you sleep, and your sleep position affect your weight? Here's the life hacking solutions for your unique sleep position needs.

  • Unify yourself

  • Center yourself

  • Clean yourself

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Clean yourself!

Ever wonder why some of those who achieve incredible success, amass fortunes, and enjoy sizzling relationships seem so unlikely?
It's because intelligence, looks, even creativity, come in a distant second place to believing. Achievers achieve because they believed they would, and so the heavens and earth were moved. -It's Time to Believe Again...

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Tollie has proved to scores of people through his speaking engagements, media, and seminars that by exploiting the dominance of your mind you can do, have, achieve, and create anything you want for your life.

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He has overcome morbid obesity, and shown others how to do the same. He hid his own personal eating disorder, developed following his dramatic weight loss of over 300 pounds.


He privately lived in darkness before excepting no more excuses for his self imposed prison of bulimia. He has worked with people all across the world, of every background and walk of life, his energy and passion for others is infectious and his methods achieve astounding results.

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    " You were born to be real, not to be perfect."

    Tollie Schmidt Guru.

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    "Are You Fat Because of How You Sleep? Life Hacking Your Sleep Position"

    Tollie Schmidt Guru.

  • Tollie Schmidt Testimonial Avatar

    "Do you think it's just a coincidence that you look exactly as you do?"

    Tollie Schmidt Guru.

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