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The Porsche 997 9ff GT9 are extensively rebuilt and fitted with a heavily modified 4.0 litre flat 6 that produces 738 to 1,120 bhp (550 to 835 kW; 748 to 1,136 PS), depending on the configuration. One of the major differences from a normal 911 is the positioning of the engine; whilst every 911 throughout Porsche's history (excluding the Porsche 911 GT1 racer) has been rear-engined, the GT9 is mid-engined for better weight distribution.

Porsche 997 9ff GT9


The Porsche 997 9ff GT9 interior has been stripped out for lightness and thus was very basic compared to a standard 911 GT3. All GT9s had blue leather, square patterned interior trim, with a roll cage for safety. A carbon fibre and kevlar construction helps further in weight savings.

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