Pirates of the Carribean
Flying Dutch man the third: To control the oceans, Lord Cutler Beckett executes anyone associated with piracy by ordering Davy Jones to destroy all pirate ships in the seas. Condemned prisoners sing "Hoist the Colours" to compel the nine Pirate Lords to convene at Shipwreck Cove to hold the Brethren Court. Because Captain Jack Sparrow, one of the Pirate Lords, never named a successor before being killed, Captain Barbossa, along with Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Tia Dalma, and the crew of the Black Pearl, plot to rescue Jack from Davy Jones's Locker. Traveling to Singapore, the crew meet Captain Sao Feng, who owns navigational charts to the Locker and quickly gains an unpredictable interest in Elizabeth.

Beckett's soldiers invade, but the crew escape. Feng and Turner make a deal to give Jack to Feng, so he in turn can use the Pearl to rescue his father Bootstrap Bill from the Flying Dutchman. The crew travels to the locker and rescues the marooned Jack. They find themselves trapped, encountering dead souls, including Elizabeth's father Governor Swann. They learn the Dutchman must always have a captain.

In a previous post I mentioned that I adore Jonny Depp, but i cannot see this sleezy Orlando Bloom...ehh.

Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky to John Christopher Depp Sr. and Betty Sue Palmer. He has one brother, Danny, and two sisters, Christie (who was formerly Johnny's personal manager) and Debbie. The Depp family has mostly Irish, German and Cherokee ancestry. Johnny Depp has said he doesn't know the origin of his surname, but he repeatedly jokes that the name translates to idiot in German (which is actually true, as it is a minor insult meaning fool, moron, or idiot.).
His first appearance on the screen was a small role as a mail boy in the 1997 film Wilde. Shortly after graduating in 1999, Bloom was cast in his first major role, playing Legolas Greenleaf in The Lord of the Rings (2001—2003). He had originally tried out for the part of Faramir, who doesn't appear until the 2nd movie. The director, Peter Jackson, said he tried to pick the most perfect beings to be the elves. While shooting a scene, he broke a rib after falling off a horse, but fully recovered and continued shooting. The success of the trilogy transformed Bloom from an unknown actor into one of world's best-known celebrities.

Pirates of the Carribean III At World's End will open in May 2007 in most theaters:

At the end of Dead Man's Chest, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and their company find refuge with Tia Dalma, who offers them the opportunity to embark on a journey to rescue Captain Jack Sparrow from his watery grave.

Tia Dalma announces the need for a captain that will guide them to "World's End", prompting the appearance of Captain Barbossa, believed to have been dead. This was where Dead Man's Chest concluded.

Artwork created by using the official Movie poster, one of my previous Pirates wallpaper and Photoshop.

Pirates of the Carribean 3