Today is friday, the fishday, therefore we're gonna cook a special fish today: Piranha


- Piranha ( each 400 grams ) for each visitor
- 2 or 3 cloves of garlic
- salt and pepper
- sprig of fresh parsley
- a lemon or lime
- 1 or 2 whole ripe tomatoes, sliced
- 100 grams of corn meal
- dash of Cachacha


Clean and scale the Piranha competely. Cut it diagonally along both sides from the top to belly. Crush the garlic cloves and mix with the salt and a little pepper. Rub the mixture into the cuts along the sides of the fish. Wrap it with a damp banana leaf, drop some Cachaça over the Piranha and marinate it for at least one hour. Heat oil ( to a high temperature ) in a large pan. Sprinkle the marinated fish lightly with corn meal. Fry golden brown on each side, turn the fish carefully after browning each side. Serve now with a garnish of the sliced tomatoes and fresh lemon squeezed over the fish. Enjoy with a tasty branded or original Mojito.

Piranha recipe