If you know exactly what you're going to do, what's the good in doing it?

- Pablo Picasso

Tutorial : website mockup in photoshop

Howto do wallpapers ( for skins )
First template for our ijf-blog made with photoshops, I call it a working trial, cause the main stuff like contributor areas works fine, but I wasn't contented with the general view, so the final version was here.

As you can see, added one more level, where I could add a shadow, so it looks 3D, changed the stroke, so it looks more like a corporate design the base I took is from my windows system, I made it with win dresser, a great tool, where you can almost redesign your whole windows look, including folder sight, almost everything..internet junkies stoned
I know there's some tools for apple as well, back to the skin:

I used several brushes, all selfmade for the background, easy to fix your brushes on photoshop: choose a interesting pic, adjust the contrast & colour if neccessary, choose the brush as default, voila there you go with your own brush...

Now the logo:
I used the font type "collegiate", used different angles, added shadows, adjusted the "look & feel", voila here you have it.

That was the final version:

click to load image

So this one was the final version, added the little thingy on the side, some music below ( you had to scroll down), added panda, my favourite comic chick, as you can see all shadows are pointing in one direction, I saw a lot of skins at other places, where let's say four different shadows are pointing in four different directions...silly isn't it?

I mean, you can easily adjust this with photoshop, when you override your shadows with the universal button.

Photoshop tutorial