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A few facts about the scanner
The scanner arrived last week, but still i have to play and find out how i can get the best result on my drawings, for now, this is the best scan result…
First picture shows milo at her aptop, photograhed by nikita, so i took my pencil and made a little drawing, arkark, it’s still not showing 1:1, because the drawing is much more detailed.
Second picture, called Face off, is a latin chica….it’s ok, but i need a better pencil by now, a 2H and a 2B e.g.
Third pic shows the first version of the forthcoming portal, at this point the name was 4angelz, but we changed it to..
..arkark..nono, no more info unless we’re on air.

Through the scanners, Xana can materialzie monsters and other creatures from Lyoko. This has only been demonstrated three times. The first was in “Image Problem”, where he materialized a replica of Yumi with a scanner. He had trapped the real Yumi on Lyoko and used the clone to try to disconnect the scanners, which would kill the gang forever had they been devirtualized.

In “False Start” and “A Bad Turn”, Xana used the scanners to materialize actual monsters into the real world, those monsters being Kankrelats and Krabes, respectively.
The Kankrelats were small in size and could easily fit through the scanners, enabling Xana to create a considerable army to attack the gang’s school. The Krabes, on the other hand, were too large and each destroyed the scanner that produced them, limiting the total number to three.
With William’s help, Ulrich and Odd were able to disable two of the Krabes. The third was shut down when Aelita deactivated the tower that spawned them. In each instance, a return trip was used to wipe out any trace of the attacks. While none of these attacks succeeded, they did prove to be far more effective than most of Xana’s real world attacks.
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