Original I am legend ending

Warner Bros. initially opposed filming in New York City, because of the costs and logistical challenges. However, Michael Tadross, a veteran New York City production manager, got the city to approve closing the Grand Central viaduct, several blocks of Fifth Avenue and Washington Square Park, albeit at night and on weekends, between September 2006 and April 2007.

While doing a press conference in Japan for the release of the movie, Will Smith accidentally revealed the ending to a collection of entertainment reporters. Warner Bros. asked the reporters and all those present to withhold the ending, and the reporters all obliged without any pay-off or consideration.

The studio spent an estimated five million dollars for a six-night shoot in New York City, involving the Brooklyn Bridge. To film in this location, the producers needed the approval of as many as fourteen government agencies. The shooting required a crew of 250, plus 1,000 extras, including 160 National Guard troops in full combat gear.

I am legend

The original final shot follows Neville, Anna, and Ethan as they cross the remnants of the George Washington Bridge in hopes of finding other survivors, accompanied by a recording from Anna telling possible survivors that there is hope...

Original I am legend ending