Encounter other mammals: a dolphin, a shark. And Homo sapiens, such as Bruce Sweets angling ancestors in his Tales of a Grandfather a typical yet unique mother in Melanie Faiths Emptying-Out Place, who reminds us all of the restorative powers of the Earths seascapes and the wealth of friends found in Charles Ad Fishmans poemSleeping Near Water (in the portfolio Five by Fishman).

Sharks are generally susceptible to overfishing because they grow slowly, mature late and produce few young. Deepwater sharks are exceptionally slow-growing and therefore vulnerable, even by shark standards. They are increasingly sought for their rich liver oil, used primarily for pharmaceutical purposes. Deepwater shark fisheries in several parts of the world have led to rapid and serious population depletion with several species are now considered threatened by the IUCN. Despite leading the world in international shark conservation, the US does not safeguard deepwater sharks. Last month, French officials reported to CCAMLR concern over an upsurge in fisheries for deepwater sharks in the waters off Antarctica.

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