No way out

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It is revealed that Farrell actually is the storied and long-sought Yuri, the KGB’s mole in the Department of Defense, and that the two interrogators are KGB agents.

Sean Young & Kevin Costner – ”No Way Out”

Aware of Brice’s affair, the Kremlin had ordered Farrell to seduce his mistress and gather intelligence from her. Implying that he should have blackmailed Brice instead of exposing him, Farrell’s interrogators angrily berate him, saying the situation was poorly handled.

No Way Out (1987 film)


No way out is a 1987 political action thriller by Roger Donaldson featuring Kevin Costner as Lieutenant Commander Tom Farrell, U.S. Navy, Gene Hackman as Secretary of Defense David Brice, Sean Young as Susan Atwell & Iman as Nina Beka.

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