Helmut Newton was extremely fond of his hometown of Berlin, and in October 2003 he donated an extensive photo collection to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, establishing the Helmut Newton Foundation. The foundation's aim is the conservation, protection and presentation of the oeuvre of Helmut Newton and Alice Springs.

Helmut Newton Gallery

monica bellucci newton

monica bellucci helmut newton

Helmut Newton Monica Bellucchi

bellucci newton


Helmut Newton Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci dirndl

newton bellucci

Helmut Newton Monica Bellucci

Newton & Bellucci

Helmut Newton Monica Bellucci

Newton & Bellucci face

monica bellucci by helmut newton

Original prints of the photographs from his August, 1976 pictorial of DeBell, "200 Motels, or How I Spent My Summer Vacation" were sold at auctions of Playboy archives by Bonhams in 2002 for $21,075. and by Christies in December 2003 for $26,290.

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