New Year's Eve Menu

Our New Year's Eve Menu

One week before New Year's Eve
Ordered fresh lobster and king prawns.
One day before NYE:
Made dressing and croutons for the salad, roasted bell peppers, washed lettuce, and prepared the antipasto; refrigerated in separate containers.
Peeled pearl onions for the vinegar-glazed pearl onions.
Moved soup from the freezer to the refrigerator.
Afternoon of NYE:
Prepared and baked the vinegar-glazed pearl onions.
For the fresh lobster: threw the lobster in hot water, made the cool salad sauce(no recipe). Prepared the sweet and sour Asian sauce for lobster, and refrigerated.
15 minutes before dinner:
Started with an Aperitif : Veuve Clicquot in iced glasses.

Cranberry Sangria New Year

New Year’s Eve Menu