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Apparently I’ve chosen the right city to live and work in Germany: Munich.
According to the key indicators for technology, talent and tolerance by the Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Munich made the first place in all the bespoken areas.
The domain level for *.de in Munich with 282.4 domains per inhabitants higher than in any other german city, also the city Munich leads the german University ranking by 27 points, while the rent prices (9.41 Euro per squaremeter) are the highest among all other german cities.


  • Munich 14.5
  • Stuttgart 12.6
  • Nuernberg 6.0


  • Munich 14.1
  • Stuttgart 12.4
  • Leipzig 10.3

Technical University of Munich

The coffee prices in Munich are somewhat ridiculous: 7 Euro for a takeaway(!) (insert brand) coffee, not mentioning that this takeaway coffees are the worst crap money can buy.
Ever tried a REAL latte macchiato at a good italian restaurant?
Or better: visit Lake Garda, have a break in the city Limone at a Cafe after surfing the whole day and enjoy the REAL italian coffee instead of this sleezy takeaway coffee.

Munich (Bavarian: Minga) is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria, on the banks of River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps.


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