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Imust confess, I didn't know much about Cassius Marcellus Clay ( BBC on that day: Cassius Clay, 22, has been crowned heavyweight champion of the world after beating Sonny Liston in one of the biggest upsets in boxing's history. ),
aka Muhammad Ali ( Near the end of 1967, Ali was stripped of his title by the professional boxing commission and would not be allowed to fight professionally for more than three years ).

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The Greatest – Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali boxing

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May 17, 1967: Muhammad Ali punches the bag. (Miami News photo)

My husband gave me the book: "King of the World" - the biography by David Remnick and the DVD "When we wre kings ( When We Were Kings is a 1996 documentary film directed by Leon Gast about the famous Rumble in the Jungle heavyweight championship match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman held in Zaire on October 30, 1974. )"to watch.
I must confess, this guy is larger than life and very impressive, just listen to some quotes: Ali himself.
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Illustration created by using two of the official Muhammad Ali posters, my imagination and Photoshop.

Muhammad Ali boxchampion