Michel Comte photography is an enourmous inspiring source, his pictures for various publications like vanity fair are fresh and have a certain look and feel, his fashion shots and portraits of stars have made him famous, as has his photo journalism:
moving close-ups of people and of children from Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia, for example. His latest work is for the Formula One:

Unfortunately I couldn't retrieve a homepage or website directly associated with Comte, only an agency called bueroalbers.

Formula One has always fascinated me more so than cars, even. I wanted to find out about the sort of people who are prepared to take it to the limit, about what they're like, and about where they come from. I wanted to do something no one's done before: my personal portrayal of motor racing. On celluloid and in photographs. At one point I then met with Michael Schumacher. Through him, I got to know the drivers and team bosses a little better.

Michel Comte