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Mezzanine is the third studio album by English trip hop group Massive Attack. It was the first album to be produced by Neil Davidge, along with the group. The entire album was provided on their website for legal download many months before the physical release was announced, one of the first major uses of the MP3 format by a commercial organisation.

Mezzanine Massive Attack


The production of Mezzanine was a stressful process, with tensions arising within the group. The album was meant to be released in December 1997, but was delayed by four months, with Del Naja spending most of the time in the studio “making tracks, tearing them apart, f***ing them up, panicking, then starting again.”

mezzanine massive attack

Massive Attack

The Mezzanine Massive Attack album received significant critical acclaim, who praised the collective’s new sound. Rolling Stone’s Barney Hoskyns, although praising the album, pointed to its flaws: “Sometimes rhythm and texture are explored at the expense of memorable tunes, and the absence of the bizarre Tricky only highlights the flat, monotonous rapping of the group’s 3-D.” Robert Christgau of The Village Voice gave the album a two-star honorable mention rating and selected “Risingson” and “Man Next Door” as highlights

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