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The men-yoroi (面鎧), also called menpō (面頬) or mengu (面具), which covered all or part of the face, provided a way to secure the top-heavy kabuto (helmet). The Shinobi-no-o (chin cord) of the kabuto would be tied under the chin.

Small hooks called ori-kugi or posts called odome located on various places would help secure the chin cord. The men-yoroi was constructed from iron, leather, or a combination of both. It had a lacquered or rusted type of finish and included a variety of facial details, such as a moustache, fierce teeth and a detachable nose.

With the exception of the happuri, a men-yoroi had a small hole underneath the chin for sweat drainage. As such, these masks were usually crafted after the likeness of Oni (鬼) or wild animals.

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