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In Marseille, a prisoner named Corey is released early for good behaviour. A warder tips him off about a prestigious jewellery shop he could rob in Paris. He goes to the house of Rico, an associate of his with whom his former girlfriend now lives, where he robs Rico of his money and gun. Then he goes to a billiard hall, where two of Rico’s men find him. After killing one and taking his gun, Corey buys a large car and, hiding the guns in the boot, starts for Paris. On the way, he stops at a roadside grill to eat.

Jean-Pierre Melville: Le Cercle Rouge


Le Cercle Rouge doesn’t exactly sweep along. It has a deliberate pace as Melville sets up the story of three chance acquaintances who plan and carry out the sacking of an elegant, supposedly impregnable jewelry store…Understatement is the method of the film, from Melville’s pared-down screenplay to the performances by the three trenchcoated principals, even to the muted photography by Henri Decaë, which is in color but has the chilly effect of black and white.

Le Cercle Rouge

Melville: Le Cercle Rouge Alain delon playing pool
Directed byJean-Pierre Melville
Produced by Robert Dorfmann
Written byJean-Pierre Melville
StarringAlain Delon, Yves Montand
Music byÉric Demarsan
Cinematography Henri Decaë
Release date(s)20 October 1970 (1970-10-20)
Running time140 minutes
Budget$ 1,352,254
Box office$ 3,734,619

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