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What is this sudden happiness that makes me tremble, giving me strength, life? Forgive me, sweet creatures. I hadn’t understood, I didn’t know. It’s so natural accepting you, loving you. And so simple. Luisa, I feel I’ve been freed. Everything seems so good, so meaningful. Everything is true. I wish I could explain.
But I didn’t know how to.
So. Everything is confused again, as it was before. But this confusion is… me. Not as I’d like to be, but as I am. I’m not afraid anymore of telling the truth, of the things I don’t know, what I’m looking for and haven’t found. This is the only way I can feel alive and I can look into your faithful eyes without shame.
Life is a celebration. Let’s live it together! This is all I can say Luisa, to you or the others. Accept me for what I am, if you want me. It’s the only way we might be able to find each other.

Federico Fellini's traveling salesman father Urbano Fellini showed up in La Dolce Vita (1960) and 8½ (1963).

Federico Fellini

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