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When seeing a brutal murder, a woman flees from the killer through the streets of a surreal city.

In the opening credits an icon stylized as the Ouroboros (Uroborus) can be seen.

In many cultures, the Ouroboros represents the cycle of birth and death, central for the plot of LOVE DEATH + R⬮BOTS ❤️❌🤖 → The Witness (2019).
The Witness (🌀👯‍♀️👁️) is the third episode of LOVE DEATH + R⬮BOTS.

3 Symbols:

Ouroboros 🌀
Kinky Mask 👯‍♀️
Eye 👁️

LOVE DEATH + R⬮BOTS ❤️❌🤖 → The Witness


LOVE DEATH + R⬮BOTS ❤️❌🤖 → The Witness opens with a woman applying her lipstick in a mirror when a man and a woman can be heard fighting across in another building. The woman hears gunshots from an open window and presumably witnesses a man murder someone.

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