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What exactly is the series Lost about?

It's the Philadelphia-Experiment but with an island as base: the island is teleporting itself within time, dimensions and place. During the World War Two the japanese military concluded a secret experiment based on an aspect of some unified field theory. To enable such a filed the military was using large electrical generators to bend light around an object via refraction, so that the object became completely invisible.

Unfortunately the experiment went wrong:
the island has gone working independently without any goal within the laboratory field, resetting itself in time and dimension.

This synopsis would explain several problems within the Lost narative:

  • The japanese scientists in video objects
  • Desmond's real role: reset the electrical generator
  • The black Smokemonster is simply a timeglitch, therefore sucks everything into the loop

Noone in Lost is dead, but everyone on the island simply trapped jumping between time & dimensions.

USS Eldridge Philadelphia-Experiment

Be aware
The DHARMA Initiative conducted research and other activities on the Island in a number of stations. They all have (or have had) power (from an unknown source) and a water supply as well as various kinds of equipment (e.g. machinery, living quarters, computers, medical equipment, etc). Each facility also has its own octagon-shaped logo, utilizing a different symbol to designate which station items or personnel correspond to.




The Dharma Initiative

In 2001, after Stuart Radzinsky's alleged suicide in The Swan, Kelvin Inman, a man who found Desmond adrift on the beach, was still working for the Dharma Initiative in the Swan station.
Lost producer Carlton Cuse confirms in a podcast that Kelvin was indeed a member of the Dharma Initiative.
In the "Lost Experience", an actor portraying fictional Hanso Foundation executive Hugh McIntyre appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he stated that the Foundation had stopped funding the Dharma Initiative in 1987.

However, in season 2, an air drop of supplies arrived for the Swan station. As an airdrop would require a cargo plane, pilots, parachutes, a loadmaster, and the supplies themselves, this would suggest someone is still providing funding for its activities.

The Dharma Initiative


The Lost series uses pop culture songs sparingly, and used a mainly orchestral score (consisting usually of divided Strings, Percussion, Harp and 3 Trombones.)
These elements include frequent appearances of black and white, which reflect the dualism within characters and situations; as well as rebellion in almost all characters, especially Kate; dysfunctional family situations (especially ones that revolve around the fathers of many characters), as portrayed in the lives of nearly all the main characters; apocalyptic references, including Desmond's pushing the button to forestall the end of the world; coincidence versus fate, revealed most apparently through the juxtaposition of the characters Locke and Mr. Eko; conflict between science and faith, embodied by the leadership tug-of-war between Jack and Locke.

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