london underground bullseye design

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Hans Schleger reimagined Edward Johnston’s bull’s-eye while creating signage for a system-wide collection of fixed vehicle stopping places in 1935.


Title: Drawing showing the standard layout of the ‘Registered Design’ version of the Johnston Underground bullseye (roundel)
Creator: Edward Johnston, London Electric Railway
Date Created: 1925
Physical Dimensions: 365mm, 550mm
Art Form: Drawing
Reference number: 2000/9202
Item location: Covent Garden

london underground bullseye design


This is the earliest known drawing of the Underground’s standard bullseye design. It follows the 1916 version of the bullseye symbol created by Edward Johnston. The diagram shows Johnston’s design guidelines for the symbol, including the exact proportions, measurements and colours to be used with the ‘pecked’ Underground lettering. At the bottom are the registered design numbers for two variations of the sign. The symbol was known as the roundel after 1972.

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