Lobo first appeared on the small screen in Superman: The Animated Series. In the episode The Main Man, Lobo was hired by an alien named the Preserver to capture Superman and add him to the Preserver's collection of rare and endangered species. Lobo headed straight for Earth and started firing in the middle of a police station until Superman eventually showed up to confront him. The two battled all over downtown Metropolis, a battle which ended with Lobo leaving Earth supposedly to take five.

Physically, Lobo resembles a chalk-white human male with blood-red pupilless eyes surrounded by black mascara-like patches. Like many comic book characters Lobo's body is highly muscularly developed in all of his appearances. Although he was originally portrayed as having neatly trimmed purple-grey hair, this was soon redesigned to be a long, straggly, grey-black mane; and more recently into dreadlocks. Similarly, the orange-and-purple leotard he wore in his first few appearances has long since been replaced by black leather biker gear, which more recently has been replaced with both the robes of his office and pirate inspired gear. His arsenal include numerous guns, and a chain with a hook on his right arm. Extra arsenal may include frag grenades, and giant carving blades.

Who created Lobo?
Credit (or blame, depending on your outlook) for Lobo is given to Roger Slifer for the character concept, and Keith Giffen for the character's visuals. He is best-known for his long runs illustrating and later writing the futuristic superhero team book Legion of Super-Heroes in the 1980s and 1990s, and for co-creating the humorous, international version of the Justice League in the late 1980s (which he later revisited in Formerly Known as The Justice League, calling them The Super Buddies). He also created the alien mercenary Lobo (with Roger Slifer), and the irreverent want-to-be hero, Ambush Bug.

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