The Last Boy Scout

Shane Black's original draft was very different than the final film. Besides having a darker tone with more violence, almost the entire second half of the script was completely differen. Besides many differences with the plot and characters, Black's script also included more focus on the two villains Milo and Shelly Marcone. Milo, for example, was an even nastier villain than he is in the film. In the script, besides being a hit man for Marcone, he also had a job as director of snuff films in which his men would kill kidnapped women in very violent ways. There was also a scene in the script where he brutally kills an entire family who accidentally showed up near the place where a meeting between his and Baynard's men took place. Other parts that were changed include: a big boat chase scene with Joe and Jimmy trying to escape from Milo and his men chasing them through the fog until their boat and helicopter crash into each other, a shootout and fight scene between Joe and Marcone's men in Joe's house, another shootout in Marcone's mansion in which Joe sneaks in after killing several guards, and Joe and Jimmy saving Joe's wife Sarah from being killed with a chainsaw in one of Milo's snuff films.



$ 29.000.000


Director: Director: Tony Scott

  • Runtime 105 min
  • Length 2.869 m
  • Format 35 mm
  • Sound Dolby



$ 59.509.925