David LaChapelle's work has been described as surrealist, grotesque, shocking and ironic. Ingrid Sischy, long-time editor of Interview magazine, has said there are three main aspects to his "strong and individualistic" photography: a sense of humour, political awareness and social awareness.
His use of celebrities exaggerates aspects of their personalities and their personal lives.

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naomi campbell david lacapelle

David LaChapelle Lavazza

David Lachapelle

Pamela Anderson

David Lachapelle naomi campbell

David Lachapelle couple

Lavazza David LaChapelle

Pamela Anderson and David LaChapelle

David Lachapelle gisele b√ľndchen

David Lachapelle Pamela Anderson

The Disaster series David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle, Naomi Campbell with Astronaut

David LaChapelle FLAUNT

David LaChapelle Helena Christensen

David Lachapelle thug life 2

Milla by David LaChapelle

Gisele Bundchen by David LaChapelle

David Lachapelle cat house

David LaChapelle for FLAUNT

David Lachapelle thug life

Gisele by David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle Happy Socks


pamela anderson

David Lachapelle Madonna

David Lachapelle film stills

Daphne Guinness David LaChapelle

David Lachapelle Pamela Anderson

Matt Dillon David Lachapelle

David Beckham David LaChapelle

David Lachapelle