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Prior to the O.K. Corral fight, Wyatt Earp is seen taking a Colt peacemaker with an unusually long ten inch barrel, and an engraved plaque inlaid in the grip from a presentation case. Such a weapon has long been associated with the legend of Wyatt Earp, probably stemming from the story that dime novelist Ned Buntline ordered several such guns from Colt, and gave them to the peace officers of Dodge City as gifts.

Kurt Russell & Val Kilmer, 1994 in Tombstone
TOMBSTONE Clip - Gunfight at The O.K. Corral (1993) Kurt Russell


In spite of the popularity of this story, there is no credible documentation that Wyatt Earp ever owned or used such a Buntline special. Most credible accounts agree, that on the day of the infamous shoot-out, Wyatt Earp was armed with a Smith and Wesson model 1869 break top-style revolver of the same type that Virgil Earp is seen using in the movie.

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