King of New York

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Frank White (Christopher Walken), a drug lord, is riding into New York in a limousine after being released from Sing Sing. Emilio El Zapa, a Colombian drug dealer, is shot dead and the killers leave a newspaper headline announcing Frank’s release.

Release date: October 11, 1990
Director: Abel Ferrara
Music by: Joe Delia
king of new york with christopher walken


King of New York is a 1990 neo-noir thriller by Abel Ferrara starring Christopher Walken as Frank White, David Caruso as Detective Dennis Gilley, Laurence Fishburne as Jimmy ‘Jump’ Colt, Victor Argo as Lieutenant Roy Bishop, Wesley Snipes as Detective Tommy Flanigan, Janet Julian as Jennifer, Paul Calderón as Joey Dalesio, Steve Buscemi as ‘Test Tube’.

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