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Galliano went on to study at Saint Martin’s School of Art, from which he graduated in 1984 with a first class honours degree in Fashion Design.

His first collection was inspired by the French Revolution and entitled Les Incroyables.
The collection received positive reviews and was bought in its entirety for resale in the London fashion boutique Browns. Galliano then started his own fashion label alongside long-term collaborators Amanda Harlech, at that time stylist with Harpers and Queen, and Stephen Jones, a milliner.

John Galliano


John Galliano


John Galliano and Tomo Koizumi were tasked with reworking a piece by the other—starting by unraveling nearly every stitch. John and his team redesign a wedding dress created by Tomo, and Tomo takes a look at Rihanna’s 2018 Met Gala Pope-inspired Maison Margiela look. Watch as John Galliano and Tomo Koizumi rip apart—then cleverly upcycle—each other’s signature pieces.

Fashion, a general term for currently popular styles & designs, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers.


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A brand & digital product designer,
developer and consultant.
Specialized in creating responsive web sites for Shopify.

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