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Iso S.p.A. in Bresso was already well known for producing the high performance Iso Rivolta IR 300.

In 1963, he designed the Iso Grifo A3/L (L for Lusso {Italian for Luxury}) for Renzo Rivolta, who was looking for a follow-up to his Iso Rivolta IR 300.

Iso Grifo Bertone


As with the Iso Rivolta IR 300, Bertone contributed to the design of the coupé; specifically, it was the work of the young Giorgio Giugiaro, whom Bertone had recently appointed head of design. Giugiaro drew a low, feline hatchback body with gently rounded, closely trimmed fenders and clearly recognizable, slightly raked roll bar.

Automotive design focuses primarily on the visual appearance & aesthetics of vehicles, while also becoming involved in the creation of economic concepts.

Automotive design

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Automotive design


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