When I decided to change the layout of my main site, sic this one, I wanted to achieve a clean, expressive, but yet accessible design.
What I didn't realize was how much pleasure we - my husband and moi - would have in viewing the different headers on a Sunday afternoon.

Sig Sauer

sigthat's what the current theme is called and also the gun of my husband used during the war - the layout currently has a total of sixty graphics rotating. Each graphic varies in style, expression and loads with each new page view. Despite the large number of images, I suceeded in implementing this switching feature without increasing the size or loading time of a new page.

Anyway, back to our Sunday afternoon. maybe you are familiar with the kind of doctor-patient scenario where the doctor-psychoanalyst shows the patient - it's more "in" now to say client - a set of pictures and the client has to interpret them. Well, that's exactly what we did with the graphics on this site and were astonished by just how creative and sometimes different our interpretations were.

I tended towards seeing the conundrum of my mind, whereas my husband interpreted this image as a visual representation of dreams or a labyrinth of dreams. Apart from that, we "felt" intelligence, rebirth, the future of the computer desktop... and much more.

Needless to say, the graphics are somewhat abstract. So with a free minute and the will to try the same, just hit reload each time you analyzed the graphics or just enjoy the artwork.

Analyze This