I am legend:
According to Akiva Goldsman, there were plans to produce a follow-up film, with scripts even being written around a prequel and sequel. One prequel involved the outbreak occurring during the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City, while another focused on the human population becoming low. The latter prequel featured a trip to Washington, D.C., and an infected elephant escaping from the zoo. However, the project was effectively shelved.

Q: I Am Legend is basically an interior novel (we are in the mind of Robert Neville for a good part of the novel), do you consider this a factor in the considerable differing of your novel and the films that emerge from it? Or is it just the nature of the Hollywood beast to try to "improve" or reinterpret?

A: Your last sentence explains it. It is just the nature of Hollywood to try to "improve" or reinterpret.

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The watch had stopped.
"Rob...ert," she said.
In a week the dog was dead.
I am legend.

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